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Riding in miniature

Riding small bike

We’re not quite what to make sure of the featured video in this blog but it is a piece of remarkable footage all the same READ ON

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A hip hop tale of cycling

James Gill Bike Rapper

You know we like to wax lyrical here on Going Going Bike about our love of the bike, but song writing isn’t our collective strong point. Never fear. Just in time for the New Year, we have a song from young Manchester hip hop artist James Gill that could be rocking your MP3 player as you ride along on your bike in the coming days. READ ON

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Man plays at being Santa Claus in annual bike giveaway

Fayetteville Bicycle Giveaway

Santa Claus may not exist (apologies if this is news to you) but there is one man in the US who arguably could qualify for the role for his astounding humanitarian work READ ON

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All go for a summer of cycling


A Summer of Cycling? Sounds a great idea doesn’t it? Twenty three cycling organisations seem to think so and have come together to agree on a joint promotion of the theme for the summer of 2012 when cycling will very much be in focus with the Olympics taking place. READ ON