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One man’s search to understand bike theft

Bicycle Crime Scene

Many emotions and feelings go through your brain when a bike is stolen. Loss is one, anger is another. READ ON

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Do people turn a blind eye to bicycle theft?

Bike Theft The Movie

So this morning, Going Going Bike went off to the cinema for an exclusive preview showing of a film in the backstreets of Shoreditch in London. This film didn’t feature Hollywood “A” listers but had the humble bike as the star actor in a short film about cycle theft and how people respond to a theft when they see one taking place right in front of them. READ ON

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Cyclist leaves man to die after stealing his bike


It appears people have little morals these days. It was quite sad to hear the details of a Coroner’s Court inquest case that took place last week where a cyclist stole a bike belonging to another man as that man lay drowning in a canal just yards away. READ ON

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Don’t forget bike security in the New Year

Bike marking

No doubt many of you or your children have received bikes as presents over Christmas, so it is worth remembering to get details of those bike registered with a national database or security tagged by your local police force. READ ON

09/11/2010 // HOW TO, INFO How I lock my bike