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Is cycling to work professional?


Does cycling to work cost cyclists their jobs? Does appearance matter and is cycling to work professional? That’s a question the Guardian Jobs section has recently been mulling. READ ON

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Edinburgh tops “Big Count” on employees cycling to work


The first audit of how many commuters cycle to work in Scotland has revealed that 3.6% of the Scottish working population are active in cycling to their working premises. READ ON

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Soot levels higher for cyclists

Air Pollution Bike

This should really be no surprise but cyclists inhale more than double the amount of black carbon, or soot, than pedestrians. READ ON

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Project celebrates the bike and the workplace


Commuting to work by bike has never been so popular. A leading digital production agency Pixillion has been documenting this increasing love affair with the bike in the Work Cycle project. READ ON

14/12/2010 // INFO A quicker commute