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12/07/2011 // INFO 2 Comments

Review: Master Lock 8200D Street Cuff™


Surely nothing puts the fear into a bike thief more than a pair of handcuffs? Going Going Bike finds out, by putting the Master Lock Street Cuff™ to the test. READ ON

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A review of the Lock Loop™


When faced with the repeated theft of his daughter’s wheels whilst she was away at university READ ON

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How to stop a bike thief 70s style


As the senior member of the Going Going Bike team, I’m old enough to remember Public Information Films of the 1970s. These generally low budget low quality short films were government commissioned films on a particular subject that ranged from issues such as surviving a nuclear attack, protecting the environment, to crime prevention. READ ON

20/11/2010 // EVENTS, HOW TO 4 Comments

Keep your bike safe at home and beat the bike thieves

Keep Bike Safe

Cut out the chance of having your bike stolen at home and you dramatically reduce the chance that your bicycle will be stolenREAD ON