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Nov 022011

It appears to be a helmet news day on Going Going Bike today given our earlier piece about Australia. This time news from Switzerland where a government proposal to make children under 14 wear helmets when they cycle has been rejected by a parliamentary transportation committee.

Another proposed law, if a little odd, which would have set the minimum age of a child riding unaccompanied on the Swiss road system at seven years of age was also rejected.


Both proposals were rejected by the Transportation Committee of the National Council, which is a committee of the lower house of the Swiss parliamentary system.

The Transportation Committee said that the Swiss law on helmets would stay as voluntary for all cyclists, while it said parents should bear the responsibility for assessing the riding ability of their children.

Road deaths

The government proposals were part of 36 measures aimed at reducing road deaths by 25% in Switzerland. Both measures had passed parliamentary approval earlier this year.

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