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16/09/2010 // HOW TO, INFO 1 Comment

Streetbank: perfect for cyclists



45. That’s the number of cycling specific tools required by a cyclist according to “The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance“. It’s a hefty number of tools and many times larger than I (and I suspect you) have to hand.

So how can a cyclist maintain their bike without a tool kit that would not look out of place it Kwik Fit? Step forward Streetbank, which could have been made specifically for cyclists.

It’s a community project where members sign up and offer to lend items to others in their neighbourhood or share their expertise. I think this could work brilliantly for cyclists. We’ve got a close-knit community who already help each other (I’ve often stopped on the side of the road to help cyclists with mechanical problems) and a broad spectrum of expertise amongst it.

In addition, there are so many pieces of kit in the cycling world that you only use occasionaly. For instance, how many times would I really use a spoke tension meter or a headset press? But, if they were available to borrow (RRP for these items are each about £40) I would be inclined to use them on my bikes.

I’ve signed up to Streetbank offering to provide some of my (limited) cycling tools and to provide some bike buying advice. Both of which I would have found really useful when I first began cycling. For my side, I am on the look out to borrow a bike stand so that I can undertake a thorough end-of season clean of my bikes. If you’ve got one, live in West London, then sign up to Streetbank and I’ll be in touch! Check out Streetbank here.

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