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Sep 072011

We all know space is some cities is scarce so the Biketower bike parking innovation by German company E-bike Mobility could be just the very thing for cities looking to find innovative solutions to bike parking.

The Biketower is essentially a multi-story bicycle park that can hold up to 112 bikes and features a solar-powered charging station inside the unit for those who travel in on an electric bike. The area covered by a Biketower installation is only 30 square metres.


So far a prototype model has just opened for use at the Railway station in station in Meckenbeuren in Germany where E-Bike Mobility is based. Users there will have to pay a rental fee to use the Biketower, which will be manned by a person during the day.

Meckenbeuren’s Biketower by night

E-Bike Mobility hopes that other cities/towns in Germany will express an interest and further Biketower installations will be built.

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