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Romance and cycling: Cyclodelic auctions for your velo valentine


Romantically Cycling Together

People often talk about the romance of cycling but, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I am naturally more interested in romance and cycling. Perhaps it is the effect of the fresh air or the endorphins released from steady exercise but, in my mind, cycling and romance do go together.

For one there is the obvious flirting that takes place amongst cyclists. This was the subject of one of our Thursday Throwdown debates that caught everyone’s imagination. It seemed, from the comments from guys and girls alike, that flirting with fellow cyclists on the cycle to work or on a weekend ride was part of the fun. Although, if Andy is anything to go by, the hardcore cyclists check out the bike before chatting to the rider!

Cycling romance

Quite separate from flirting with strangers are the romantic opportunities for couples whilst out cycling. Cycling is a wonderful activity to do together as a couple. It’s an activity that allows you to talk with each other for long periods of time without getting interrupted. In the hurly burly of life there are countless distractions. But on the bike there is just the road or the trail. Nothing to distract or divert from each other.

In addition cycling can take you to memorable places. To a place in a town that is significant to both of you, to a place you both want to visit or out into the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and sense of freedom. Cycling together can take you to many wonderful places not easily accessible by car or train.

Cyclodelic auctions

To celebrate the romantic possibilities of cycling Cyclodelic are holding a Valentine’s Day Auction on Going Going Bike. Starting prices have been set tantalisingly low so why not bid on something for your velo valentine (or for yourself!).

Image courtesy of Bicycle Images, Photographer: Farid

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Neat idea. Cycling in a group always feels safer. It can be lonely on those l
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Well said Roxy. And well done Goinggoingbike for allowing the comments of the a
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