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May 012011
Rusty 2

I’m not even sure he survived 6 months but Rusty 2 is no more. Apparently hitting a car at full speed is not good for your bike. Top tube, bottom tube and front forks all bent, rider surprisingly ok!

Old route, new danger

Yesterday was heading off to meet a friend and running a little late so pedalling at speed. It’s a route that I often take so wasn’t concentrating fully as know where all the potholes and potential trouble spots are. Ironically was mostly thinking about what to blog about today.

On the route there is one spot with a pub on the corner with a zebra crossing leading to a small park. The normal danger is people lurching onto the crossing without looking after a few afternoon drinks on their way to the grass for a spot of sunbathing. The usual trick is to scan well ahead both sides of the road to gauge if need to slow down. Did the scan, one person just leaving crossing, traffic stationary, route clear so full speed ahead.

Big mistake! On my side of the road before the crossing was a car and a white van. The car moved off, the white van stayed still and waved a red car who wanted to turn right across. I couldn’t see the red car as was behind the van and he couldn’t see me so turned right to appear right in front of me.

Full impact

At that speed and with so little notice there isn’t much you can do except to prepare yourself for impact. Not much went through my mind except a few choice expletives and then I hit the car having barely had time to brake.

Luckily, if that’s the right word, the car hadn’t got fully pass the van so I hit the front wheel arch straight on. This was good for two reasons firstly I commando rolled across the bonnet rather than hitting the side of the car which suspect would have been a lot more serious and secondly did absolutely no damage to the car!

Surprising result

The car driver couldn’t have been nicer and stopped to check that I was ok. He might have been even more shocked than me as you don’t expect a cyclist to come hurtling across your windscreen out of nowhere! A few onlookers also stopped to check that was all right as must have looked pretty spectacular.

Amazingly I was completely fine. Nothing broken, hardly any bruises and really just felt very very lucky to be ok. Rusty on the other hand took all the impact. Because I hit the car straight on he basically crumpled. The front wheel got compacted against the bottom tube, which bent as well the top tube. The wheels and tyres on the other hand are as good as new!

Be careful

So what have I learnt? Well that’s for another blog but for now will be looking for Rusty 3 and walking in the meantime! Ride safe everybody…

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  1. Good to hear though that you are OK. Hope you’ll have another bike ready soon.

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