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Riders ready for a cycle race around the globe


World Cycle Racing

Saturday marks the start of a cycle race with a difference. This race is 18,000 miles around the world. Apart from a nice little trophy, the winning cyclist could also have the prize of a new Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the word by bicycle.

The fastest circumnavigation by bicycle currently stands at 96 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes, and was achieved by British man Alan Bate, who cycled a distance of 29,467.91 km (18,310.47 mi) and travelled over 42,608.76 km (26,475.8 mi) in total (including transfers).

He travelled alone but there will be nine riders starting at the same time from Greenwich Park at 9am on Saturday morning as part of the World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour.

The riders

The nine riders staring on mass in Greenwich are:

Jason Woodhouse: boyonhisbike.com
Kyle Hewitt: Inspired2Inspire
Martin Walker: Cycle_Around
Mike Hall: normally aspirated human
Richard Dunnett: One Big Pedal
Sean Conway: Sean Conway
Staurt Lansdale: Stuart Lansdale
Stephen Phillips: Global Cycle Racer
Simon Hutchinson: Simon’s Epic Ride

One additional rider Paul Ashley-Unett will be setting off at a different time. Paul has set off from the Isle of Man today. His race will end at the Isle of Man unlike the other Brits who will finish at Greenwich Park. Another rider Niel Coventry-Brown will be setting off from New Zealand on February 18 but is being considered as an independent rider.


All these amateur riders will be riding unsupported and they will have to cycle 190 miles per day to stand a chance of claiming the new World Record.

Not all will follow the same route but there will be a case of maybe one or two bumping into each other while they wind themselves through routes in far off destinations. Three riders are going off in an eastwards direction – Mike, Simon and Stuart. The rest will be going westwards.

The Rules

The rules state that participant must pass through two approximate antipodal points during the attempt with the two antipodal points on the route indicated to race organisers (routes for all the riders can be found on the World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour Facebook page. For exact antipodal points the co-ordinates north and south are the same, whilst that east plus that west equals 180°.

Only riding time will be taken into account; time taken aboard ferries, flights, walking etc. will be noted but not included in the total race time.

All the riders competing in the World Cycle Racing event will be tracked via satellite tracking. You can follow their progress here.


Note all the riders will be cycling for charities, click on the links of the riders names or their associated website to find details of their chosen charities and to donate if you so wish.

We’re happy to see that one rider, Mike Hall, is riding for Newborns Vietnam/Cycle a Difference. A charity we support and have been helping via our charity auction over the last month.

We wish all the riders good luck on their endeavours around the world. We will be watching with interest and will be blogging on developments over the next couple of months.

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