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Feb 142011
Cervo Rosso National Pride Jersey

The Cervo Rosso National Pride Jersey is a stylish number. It is discreet and elegant, with a nod towards the classic team cycling jerseys from the 1970s. However, it is also striking. The sort of cycling jersey that looks good in the shop, looks better when worn and really stands out whilst being ridden.

The National Pride is a long sleeve cycling jersey made from Sportwool, a blend of wool and polyester used by the likes of Rapha and Shutt VR (who incidentally manufacture these jerseys in the UK for Swiss cycling brand Cervo Rosso). It has two open pockets on the rear and one rear pocket accessible via a vertical zip.

Distinctive “national” armbands

The National Pride element of the name relates to the banding on the left arm which features the national colours of Switzerland, Belgium, Australia or Italy. No British jersey is available, but that would surely look good too.

Sportwool is a popular fabric for cycling jerseys because it aims to get the benefits of merino (warm, light, anti-bacterial) without its traditional drawbacks (sagging pockets, impractical to clean). To a large extent it succeeds and the National Pride addresses the sagging pockets further by reinforcing the top of its two pockets.

Warm, fresh and well fitted

We tested the National Pride jersey over an extended period and on cold winter rides. With two base layers it was possible to ride for several hours at under 5 degrees Celsius. After heavy wear it retained a freshness that Lycra will never be able to match. It was simple and straightforward to wash and retained its shape following multiple wears and machine washes.

The jersey was generally well fitted and allowed plenty of “give” to allow you to comfortably stretch over the handlebars and move around on the bike.

With a 39 inch chest and wearing two base layers the medium size was an excellent fit. We have been told that the next generation will have three open pockets on the rear and we would also like to see a narrower collar and looser cuffs.

During discussions with Carlyle Ware, founder of Cervo Rosso, he told us that they are initially not focussing on the British market. This is a shame because the styling, attention to detail and quality demonstrated by the National Pride jersey would surely result in the brand succeeding in the UK.

What I liked about the Cervo Rosso National Pride Jersey

  1. Striking styling
  2. Warm and wicking
  3. Fresh after hard wear

What I would change about the Cervo Rosso National Pride Jersey

  1. 3rd rear pocket (this will feature in the next generation)
  2. Looser cuffs, narrower collar
  3. British version!

The National Pride Jersey retails at CHF 165 or, for UK customers, £99 and can be ordered from the Cervo Rosso website.

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  1. Why didn’t we think of a British Version! Thanks Guys… Will hassle Carlyle now!!


  2. no mention of what the shirt costs!

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