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Mar 212012
Drunk Note

Ok, bike theft is no joke, but the following little story from the US did make us chuckle not least as there is a happy ending to the story.

Aspen resident Jay Maytin had his Trek bike stolen last week. Jay thought he was unlikely to see his bike again but unknown to him a local Sheriff’s Office (Pitkin County) in Aspen had recovered his Trek bike.

The circumstances of the recovery were a bit unusual as it involved no detective work from the Sheriff’s Office or Aspen Police department. The bike had been left near the Sheriff’s Office in Pitkin County with a handwritten note.

It read: “Sorry. I stole this bike. I rode it home. Please give it back — Drunk.”

The thief, full of remorse, had returned the bike.

Newspaper article

As the bike hadn’t been registered in anyway, Jay had given up hope of seeing it again but luckily there was a newspaper item on the note. In that Aspen Times article, the Sherrif’s Office posted details of the bike such as the model name and brand.

Jay was reading this article but only made the connection that it was his bike they were talking about when the article mentioned the frame had a “RAD” sticker on it. RAD was in reference to Jay’s friend Adam Dennis, who died in a backcountry avalanche in 2011. The sticker also has the lyric “Feels good to watch a big man dance,” from the Widespread Panic tune “Heroes.”

Jay has since collected the bike from the Sheriff’s Office in Pitkin and he’s happily riding it again.

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