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Recommended Bike Mechanics


Good Mechanic Guide

How far will you go for a good cycle mechanic? Using recommendations from friends on facebook I have put together a cycle route around the UK which passes through each town for which I was recommended a bicycle mechanic.

It is an absurdly long route, 1973.2km. This year’s Tour de France riders will be on stage 12, heading up into the Pyrenees and over the Tourmalet, when they clock that distance.

However, on the plus side it takes in some of the UK’s finest scenery (starting in Barnstaple on the Devon coast) and heads up to Inverness for some stunning highland riding. In addition the route has the appeal of being a coast-to-coast ride. It finishes in Southend-on-Sea.

In addition to the picture-book scenery, with 4918 metres of climbing, the other good news is that at each of the 5 towns the route takes in there is a recommended bike mechanic. This means that, no matter how tired the rider may get, your bike should always be running smoothly.

Please let me know if you have any more suggestions of bike mechanics in the UK and I will update the route.

Not only will it be handy to have more cycle mechanic suggestions but a few more towns to stop in might make the route more “manageable”.

Recommended Bike Mechanics:

Barnstable: Gordy at Barnstaple Bikes, Devon (no website but shop on Bear Street), recommended by Chris Alloway as the “best damn wheel tweeker going!”.

Stafford: John Burton of Henry Burton Cycles stafford always willing to help cyclist of all ages, recommended by Martin Burrows

Inverness: Monster Bike Shop as he’s honest, fairly priced and good at his job.. full of useful info too. Also Alpine Bikes. All good guys who know their stuff. Both lots been very helpful in my first yr of triathlon, both recommended by Danni Hamilton

Aylesbury: Jules Thrasher @ATG Training, recommended by Matthew Taber.

Southend-on-Sea: Jay’s Cycles, Hampstel Road, Southend on Sea (no website). “because he always laughs and says “oh my god what have you done now”? when I take my broken steed for repair” recommended by Rob Tocknell

London Bike Mechanics

For a list of London bike mechanics take a peak at the recommendations from our Twitter followers who have a wealth of knowledge on this.

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  • good mechanic April 8, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    A good sign of an honest mechanic is one who your friends, family and coworkers recommend. Using personal recommendations will help you feel more confident about using this mechanic and ease your worries about getting ripped off


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