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May 282013

Our friends at Rapha are putting on an extraordinary team race next month and are looking for people to sign up and join the fun.

The Rapha Gentlemen’s Race is an unmarshalled and unsanctioned point-to-point time trial team challenge taking place around the Summer Solstice on June 22.

Teams of six riders will be riding from to York to Whitby and back to York again but here’s the twist; teams can decide their own routes they take but they must pass through two checkpoints on the way. Whitby is one of the checkpoints and marks the turning point on the way back to York. All riders must have their checkpoint cards stamped.

The winning team is the group of riders who cross the finishing line in York in the fastest time. All six riders must cross that line.

Interested in putting a team together? Sign up here. Individuals wanting to take part can be put in a composite team. More details on the Rapha site.


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