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Raid Pyrenees – statistics


Raid Pyrenees

How many pedal strokes does a ride do on a Raid Pyreneen? What was the top speed recorded off an Hors Category mountain? How cold is it at the top of the Tourmalet in mid October. Below are answers to the above questions and many further stats taken from our Raid Pyrenees.

Speed, Distance and Time

Fastest speed: 70.7km/h (off col de Peyresourde on day four)

Slowest speed: 6.2 km/h (on col de Pailheres on day five)

Average speed over Raid Pyrenees: 18.2 km/h

Pedal strokes during week: 85,293

Total vertical metres climbed: 12,328 m

Total kilometres cycled: 680 km

Total time ridden: 36 hours and 30 minutes


Hottest temperature: 27 degrees (valley floor to bottom of Col de Portet d’Aspet on day four)

Coldest temperature: 3 degrees celsius (on Marie Blanque on day two)

Temperature at 2115m on Col de Tourmalet: 8 degrees celsius

Number of wet days: 2 out of 6

Number of sunny days: 4 out of 6


Average number of pichets of vin rouge at lunch: 2

Number of Tartiflettes consumed by group after cresting Tourmalet: 4

Calories burnt during week: 15,094 (according to Garmin)

Calories consumed: Huge amounts, the cheese is good!!


Punctures (out of 10 riders): 7 (four by one unfortunate rider)

Favourite climb: Col de Tourmalet (voted for by 5 out of 10 riders)

Least favourite climb: Col de Aubisque (voted for by 3 out of 10 riders)

Number of times Ultegra Di2 failed: once

Number of sore knees in group: 3

Number of sore backs in group: 2

Most popular bike in group: Trek Madone (4 out of the group)

Number of other groups riding the Raid in October: 0

Number of bikes lost or broken by Ryanair: 0 (miracles do happen!)

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