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Project aims to encourage the use of bikes to move goods



A European Union funded project begins this month that aims to bring the issue of cycle logistics to the fore and deliver policy improvements in the area.

The project, CYCLE Logistics, which runs from May 2011 to May 2014 and spans across 12 countries, aims to draw upon the expertise of local authorities, the private sector, cyclists’ groups, communications experts and energy agencies to encourage policy/behaviour for cities, local businesses and individuals to use bicycle to move goods.

Individuals will be informed on how to use their bicycle to transport goods usually moved by cars. Businesses (e.g. tradesmen, window-washers or plumbers etc.) will be told how to use bikes or cargo bikes for delivery, with the consumer/service goods sector is being pushed to increase deliveries by cycle. Towns & cities across Europe will also have a role to play, replacing their motor vehicles with (cargo) bikes to provide municipal services (e.g. street cleaning, park maintenance and cycle oriented service contracts).

Information gathering

The project will also test and report on various cycle transport products (i.e. cargo bikes, bags & baskets), giving potential consumers across Europe (private, business and governments) access to valuable information.

The project is backed and run by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and in the UK, Outspoken Delivery, a UK cycle delivery company and CTC UK, will be closely involved in promoting discussion of CYCLE Logisitics here. All the project partners will be holding their first meetings between the 16-20th of May in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Good for the environment

As societies face urban congestion, rising fuel costs and increased air and noise pollution, using bikes to move goods must be seen as a viable transport solution.

The hope is that should CYCLE Logistics encourage policy to use cycles as a form of logistical distribution than Europe would be able to save 1300 tons of fuel and 3500 t/CO2, have 2000 new cargo bikes in use in European urban areas and see at least 10,000 trips shifted to intermodal transport chains.

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