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Jun 172013

As you know from our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we are big fans of pro-cycling. It seems like many of you are too.

We enjoy reading up on the news, analysis and general all-round gossip that follows the road cycling circuit, so we thought we’d share with you some of the blogs and sites we like visiting on a daily basis.

1. The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring is a great site for news, comment, opinion and chat on pro-cycling. The aim is to give a different take on the sport of cycling and have a look at things that might get overlooked by the mainstream cycle sport media. The Inner Ring is essentially a one man-band but the guy behind it has impeccable knowledge and sources. Find him on Twitter also.

2. Cycling Tips

Run by Canadian-born Wade Wallace, Cycling Tips is one man’s view of the pro-cycling circus with lots of opinion, interviews, great photography and discussion. There’s also a lot more to the site, with content on riding strategy, nutrition, tech and fitness/training.

3. Podium Cafe

An entertaining source for pro-cycling news, analysis, rumours and opinion from a fan perspective.

4. Rouleur Magazine Blog

This blog is a great accompaniment to the eponymous magazine of the same name. There’s some great long feature pieces to read, very much in the style and subject matter of Rouleur magazine. It also features a free podcast to listen to every few weeks for added value.

5. Velominati

A bit like Cycling Tips but this is a group of guys (they call themselves the Keepers) pouring over the rich culture, history and aesthetics of pro-cycling.  It does take some time to get used to the blog and the site content, which can often seem a bit pompous and pretentious, but we found the articles an enjoyable read after a time.

An honourable mention goes to Velocast, which is a podcast about the world of pro-cycling. Velocast was launched in 2009 and proved to be very popular. So much so that the guys behind Velocast now charge a subscription to listen to some of their major tour podcasts. That said there is also a lot of free podcast content on the site including the Eurosport Cycling Podcast and tech talk, so give it a try if you’re new to their work.



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