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Police target bike crime in Edinburgh


Missing bike

The Met in London are not the only one’s taking bicycle theft a bit more seriously these days. Police in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh have been running a targeted bike theft operation since May of this year as it looks to tackle what it terms as “hardcore offenders” and clamp down on bike thefts in the city.

The operation, which has the codename Operation Cello, has already proved a major success with Lothian and Borders Police arresting eight serial offenders and their cases are now progressing to the Procurator Fiscal.

Bike theft worth £70,000

The eight offenders in question have been charged with stealing over £70,000 worth of cycles in Edinburgh. So far, Lothian and Borders Police have recovered bikes and component parts with a value of around £13,700.

The eight are understood to account for 153 thefts alone in the city but were not part of an organised gang.  Five other people have been charged with buying stolen property.

City wide operation

Lothian and Borders police were particularly concerned with thefts in the west of the city but they found that the problem had gone city wide as surveillance continued.

Police also believe a  gang of thieves are behind almost 150 bike thefts in the city worth tens of thousands of pounds. Four individuals have been targeting dozens of the high-end mountain and racing bikes which were shipped to London and re-sold.

Targeting resources

Inspector Stevie Dolan, who has been leading the initiative, said Operation Cello has made great progress in curtailing the activities of a hardcore of offenders, and in doing so has prevented further crime from taking place.

“Bike theft has historically been a crime that is very difficult to solve, however we have targeted our resources towards gathering intelligence on known offenders, and the results so far have been very positive.”

Think twice on eBay and Gumtree

Inspector Dean said stolen bikes often ended up being sold through a network of friends or on websites like eBay and Gumtree.

“There is a ready market for stolen bikes, and we would encourage people to think twice about buying a bike if they have any suspicions that it may be stolen.”

Lothian and Borders have confirmed that Operation Cello will continue over the months ahead as they look to make more successful arrests.

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