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Nov 172011
Box Hill

A couple of months back we reported on the tension between local police in Surrey and cyclists using the roads in the region.

Surrey Police had threatened to fine cyclists for what they deemed “anti-social” cycling at the time after handing out cards to cyclists warning them that careless and inconsiderate cycling could be deemed a criminal offence.  They later admitted to Going Going Bike that language used in cards handed out to cyclists was “blunt” and “inappropriate”.

Dedicated police patrols

The issue of anti-social cycling in Surrey has not gone away however and it appears local residents who drive in the area are continuing to complain about anti-social cycling in and around the Mole Valley and Box Hill areas of the region.

Recent complaints have been about the extra riders riding the Box Hill area. Box Hill forms part of the Olympic road race circuit and as 2012 approaches more riders are keen to ride the climb on Box Hill’s narrow roads. Box Hill is on National Trust land.

Following local resident complaints, Surrey Police has confirmed they are now running a dedicated police patrol in the area to monitor traffic including cyclists using the area.

Plea for understanding

Surrey Police’s neighbourhood officer Sargent Andy Rundle told the BBC that there had been a significant increase in cyclists along A25 and at Box Hill and it was taking the local community’s complaints about cyclists in the area very seriously.

Issues highlighted including cycling two abreast (which is allowed under the Highway Code), riding in the middle of the road (again nothing wrong here) and being aggressive to drivers trying to overtake (any wonder when the same drivers are probably aggressive back or even first).

“This isn’t an issue solely of cyclists but an issue of increased visitors to Box Hill full stop,” Mr Rundle told the BBC.

“We are stopping motorists and cyclists and making sure that all road users are mindful that they are likely to encounter increased numbers of cyclists.

“It is a challenge the local police have to rise to and make sure that everyone is considerate of every other road user.”

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  One Response to “Police patrols at Box Hill after increase in cyclists using area”

  1. It’s hard to believe Surrey Police can find the resources and personnel to mount these ‘dedicated patrols’.

    When I lived in Surrey I used to use the police’s ‘Drive Smart’ online reporting form to report the texting drivers I would see every single week around Guildford. I stopped after I received a phone call from Surrey Police, saying they didn’t have the time even to write to the texting drivers, so I was wasting my time reporting them.

    So no time to police law-breaking, life endangering behaviour, but enough resources to discourage law-abiding road users from using the roads as they are entitled to?

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