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Aug 062011

The above bicycle may look like something made by out of Lego but it is in fact a real life sized model of a bicycle design.

Designed by Israeli student Dror Peleg for his Art and Design degree at the Bezalel academy of art and design in Jerusalem, the core of the bicycle is made of recycled plastic. Dror has given the bicycle the name Frii.


Dror used injection moulding technology to mould the various modular shapes that form the bicycle. They then snap together to form the bike itself.

As you can see from the picture of the Frii, the basic design principles of a bike are still there, for instance the diamond-shaped frame.

The forks to the 20-inch plastic wheels are kept short for added strength and the solid tires were injected over the rims during the manufacture of the model. There are no brakes on the Frii but Dror envisaged that braking on the bike would be by the rider having to pedal backwards.

No working model

At the moment the Frii is a non-working 1:1 scale model and remains largely concept based. Though unlikely to ever go into production (and Dror has no plans to prepare a working prototype model) the Frii may offer guidance to the future form of the bicycle.

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  1. The bicycle of the future?  I bloody hope not!!

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