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Feb 222011
London Cycle Re Use Projects

Last week’s meeting at the London Community Resource Network (LCRN) HQ in Hoxton announced a proposal to transform the disparate London cycle re-use projects into a coherent and joined-up network.

As individual projects they face many challenges. Some are at capacity in terms of output and some need more bikes to recycle. The aim of the network is to share resources across London and improve each project.

£8m fund

The flame that lit the torch paper to this idea was the creation of an £8m fund (courtesy of the Mayor of London) to allocate grants and loans to projects that increase the amount of materials recycled. The fund, administered by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), is well resourced but, with so many projects across the various materials, it is unlikely to result in big bucks for any individual project.

This is why, under the guidance of the LRN, cycle re-use projects are being encouraged to work together to increase their collective output and fulfil the LWARB funding criteria. The varied nature of the different projects means that this is going to take a lot of collaboration and co-operation. But nonetheless, it is still a massive opportunity – money like this does not come around that often.

Abandoned bicycles

We hate to see all the abandoned bicycles rusting around London and think that the cycle re-use projects perform a hugely valuable role for London. In addition, we fully support the LCRNs efforts to assist and help the individual re-use projects and are looking forward to supporting them.

Below is a map, which we have created, which shows some of the projects and a link to each is located.

View Bike Charities & Recycling Points in the UK in a larger map

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  5 Responses to “Plan to create London network of cycle re-use projects”

  1. Hi there

    Can you please add the Kingston Eco-op bike recycling project to your map?

    Many thanks

    Address is St John’s Road New Malden, KT3 3SF

  2. That’s all updated for you

  3. Cycling and recycling. Quite a combination.
    I hope though that the individual projects don’t lose their identity.

  4. Great news. How can I help/support London co-ordination?

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