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Pensioner fights off bike thieves



An OAP managed to fight off a gang of bike thieves in Coventry this week after an eight man gang flooded a bike shop to try and steal bikes in the showroom.

Seventy three year old Tony McGregor managed to push one of the gang off a stolen bike as he tried to make a getaway from the Ride bike shop in the Holbrooks part of Coventry.

The gang has been forced out of the bike shop by owner Paul Atkins. One of the gang had still managed to take a road bike from the shop, but Troy’s quick actions ensured no bikes were stolen in the incident.

Troy’s eagle eye

He told the Coventry Telegraph: “I was standing in a doorway down the road and saw the group walking up the road. When I saw them put balaclavas on and put their hoods up, I knew something was going down and I came towards the shop to help”

“They went so fast, I saw them going into the shop and when I got to the door, they were already coming out. I saw one of them come out with the price tag on it, I knew they were nicking it and I threw him off the bike and he ran.”


Trevor, a former boxer, used his boxing skills to great effect in the incident. He said that his boxing skills came flooding back as the adrenaline of the situation took hold. Troy even pursued some of the gang as they made their getaway, proving there is life in this old dog yet.

CCTV footage of the incident can be found here and here.

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