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May 062011

You often see the odd Penny Farthing at the Tweed Run and other historical events, but on June 11th, as part of the IG Markets London Nocturne, there will be several Penny Farthings on show at the same time. 

But this will be no ceremonial parade, these Penny Farthings will be racing against each other.


Competitors will race for five laps around London’s historic Smithfield Market, the site of London’s old meat market, as they aim to win the inaugural ”Ordinary Trophy” endurance title.  A sprint race will also take place over one mile around the course prior to the endurance race but the result will have no bearing on who will win the Ordinary Trophy.

Leather cycle saddle and bag manufacturer Brooks has been confirmed as the race sponsor with the winner of the Ordinary Trophy taking home a top of the range Brooks leather saddle as a prize for finishing first.


So far 30 racers have already confirmed to take part in the race with entrants from as far as field as Tasmania.

Further details and entry for the Brooks Penny Farthing Race can be found here. Only experienced riders are advised to sign up, but if you are not taking part, seeing 30 or so Penny Farthings racing should be a spectacle that cannot not to be missed.

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