Going Going Bike

May 142012

Last year, we reported on plans by the Welsh Government to legally oblige Welsh local authorities to provide cycling and walking routes in the legislative cycle of this Welsh Assembly. The Labour-controlled Welsh Government has been true to its word and has now released more detailed plans in a White Paper. Continue reading »

May 112012

With the profile of cycling expected to be at an all-time high with the Olympics coming and with ever increasing numbers of people taking to bicycles for commute and leisure purposes, it is no surprise that respected market research agency Mintel is predicting that UK bike sales will reach an all time high in 2012. Continue reading »

May 092012

Once upon a time, newspapers used to be delivered by hand by a friendly neighbourhood paperboy or papergirl, sometimes on a bicycle. In the US, the use of the bike to deliver newspapers was much more common but there was no pushing a newspaper through the letterbox there. In most cases, newspapers were rolled up and thrown onto a front porch or if the aim was great into an open letterbox.
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May 082012
Brake Pads

Today we have another one of our regular series of guest blogs from our friends at London Bike Kitchen on DIY bicycle maintenance. Following on from the last blog on how fix a flat puncture, London Bike Kitchen’s Jennifer Gwiazdowski this time tells us how to approach the job of replacing brake pads. Continue reading »

May 032012

We’re a great supporter of disability cycling here at Going Going Bike and have blogged on the issue in the past. Today, we feature an interesting documentary film project that highlights the demands of para-cycling with the focus on cycling club in particular – The Pirates of Barcelona.  Continue reading »

May 012012
Ballot Box

Apologies in advance as this blog post will focus very much on London and the up coming Mayoral elections there. Cycling policy and safety in the capital is a major election issue for the first time with the candidates all eager to win the cyclist vote. The issue has become increasingly politicised over the last few years due to the number of cycling deaths on London’s streets. Continue reading »