Going Going Bike

May 312012
Bike Accident Crime Scene

British Cycling, the governing body of cycling sport in the UK, is increasingly showing its political teeth on cycling policy issues. The organisation has been very visible in lobbying the government on road safety and cycle safety issues recently and is now spearheading a campaign to make the justice system fairer for cyclists and other road users who are hurt or seriously injured on the country’s roads by car and lorry drivers. Continue reading »

May 232012

The DeLorean name is most associated with the ill-fated UK-based motor company that produced the iconic DMC-12 sports car, the star of the 80s Back to the Future films. The DeLorean name is now making a comeback under the unfamiliar guise of a bicycle under the ownership of British born Stephen Wynne and his Texas-based DeLorean Motor business. Continue reading »

May 162012
Tour de Latitude

Some weeks ago we brought you news of the Tour de Latitude an organised ride set up by the Give2Go organisation to try and encourage festival goers to cycle their way to the Latitude music and arts festival in Henham Park, Suffolk. Thanks to Give2Go and Latitude promoters Festival Republic, we have a pair of tickets to give away for the Tour De Latitude ride and the full four days of The Latitude Festival. Continue reading »