Going Going Bike

Nov 152011
Bicycle Friendly

Safety for cyclists on the roads is very much a hot topic now here in the UK with events in London in the past week but in America one city council is attempting to put a speed limit on cyclists due to the number of accidents at 15 of the city’s flash lighted pedestrian crossings (called crosswalks in the US) Continue reading »

Nov 142011
Lost Scenes Children in Need

BBC’s annual charity telethon Children in Need airs on Friday this week and as per usual there are lots of cycling themed fundraising rides taking place. One such ride is the week long tour by Staffordshire rock band the Lost Scenes, who will be cycling 200 miles from London to Manchester and playing gigs along the way. Continue reading »

Nov 102011
Female Cyclist

Today we have a guest blog from Hayes Thompson. Hayes is copywriter based in London, who has been cycling, motorcycling and driving on its roads for over 20 years. In the blog, Hayes wonders if his experiences and the statistics might mean that female cyclists and pedestrians need to pay more attention to road safety. Continue reading »

Nov 082011
London Bike Kitchen

Today, we have a guest blog from Jenni Gwiazdowski. Jenni is the founder of London Bike Kitchen, an open DIY workshop where you can fix your own bike instead of giving it to someone else. This blog is about the motivations behind setting up London Bike Kitchen and the challenges of running a start-up cycling business as they work towards getting the business operational. Continue reading »

Nov 082011
TfL Dangerous Junctions

A cycle tour with a difference takes place on Saturday in London. It will involve up to 150 cyclists touring the capital’s 10 most dangerous junctions for bicycles to highlight what they believe is unnecessarily dangerous road designs. Continue reading »

Nov 072011
How to sell my bike

In those quiet moments when you are looking lovingly at your bike stood against the wall, do you ever wonder to yourself, “how much is my bike worth?” It’s not an easy thing to know or determine.  There is no guide for used bike prices that could give you useful pointers on the perfect price for your bike as there is, for example, for used cars. Continue reading »