Going Going Bike

Dec 082011

Today we have a guest blog from Michael Frogley. Michael has designed the BikeBox, an indoor storage solution for a folded Brompton Bicycle (see picture above), and is now taking the product to market. We think it is a unique product that already has a listing at the Velorution shop in London. In this blog, Michael explains how he came up with the idea. Continue reading »

Dec 062011
Cycling Marshes

Taking a leaf out of what the Netherlands does in terms of cycle infrastructure or anything is never a bad thing, so it is great to see damaged land being reclaimed here in the UK and being put to good use to generate cycling take-up. In Lincolnshire, a three year project has just been launched to regenerate Lincolnshire’s coastal grazing marshes. Continue reading »

Dec 052011

As you all know, wearing a bicycle helmet is compulsory in Australia when out cycling. There seems little motivation at a national level to remove the stipulation but there is an on-going debate in Australia whether such helmet legislation deters people from cycling in greater numbers. Continue reading »