Going Going Bike

Dec 162011
Carbon Pro Ice Fil

Innovation in fabric technologies in recent years have produced all manner of breakthroughs in trying to keep us cool and dry while we workout or cycle. Much of the development in this field has focused on moisture management, where fabric materials pulls sweat off the body to keeping clothes dry, but now products are appearing that specifically look to cool parts of the body for an athlete. Continue reading »

Dec 152011
Bike Accident Crime Scene

Back in late November, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson promised a review of every major planned scheme on Transport for London roads, and of every junction on the Cycle Superhighways with pedestrians and cyclists in mind following a spate of accidents. Since then another cyclists’ death, the 16th this year, has occurred on London’s streets involving a lorry. Continue reading »

Dec 142011
Xmas Tree Generated by Bicycle

Pedal power electricity generation is just made for Christmas. Take a bunch of bikes to generate electricity for lights on a Christmas tree. Seems such a simple idea and something that authorities in the Mexican city of Puebla have been keen to experiment with as part of their sustainable Christmas campaign.  Continue reading »

Dec 132011
Helen Skelton

Anyone watching the recent Frozen Planet series on BBC 1 will realise that attempting to get to the South Pole is no easy task. Since the first explorer, Norway’s Roald Amundsen, reached the geographic South Pole in 1911, there have been countless other successful attempts but never someone using a bike to get there. Continue reading »

Dec 082011

Interesting comments from Lord Sugar this afternoon in a debate in the House of Lords on current cycling laws. Lord Sugar, who is a keen cyclist, and known more these days for the BBC Show The Apprentice, suggested that the government should consider allowing the police to confiscate the bikes of cyclists who do not carrying identification documents. Continue reading »