Going Going Bike

Dec 282011
James Gill Bike Rapper

You know we like to wax lyrical here on Going Going Bike about our love of the bike, but song writing isn’t our collective strong point. Never fear. Just in time for the New Year, we have a song from young Manchester hip hop artist James Gill that could be rocking your MP3 player as you ride along on your bike in the coming days. Continue reading »

Dec 222011
Smiley Bike

Today we feature a guest blog from Beth Anderson, a very active voice in the cycling twitterati and wider London cycling community. Beth cycled when she was young and mountain biked at university but her love affair with riding a bicycle really started after moving to London. After buying an upright Dutch bicycle, Beth fell in love with cycling as a means of transport and a way of life and is now the proud owner of a self-built fixed-gear bicycle. Continue reading »

Dec 202011
Hooray cycling does not cost me money

With special thanks to Ben Irvine of www.cyclelifestyle.co.uk for this guest post!

Rail passengers and car drivers were today outraged by the unfairness of the transport system, as it was annouced that cycling fares would rise by a paltry 0% in 2012, remaining at £0.00. Rail fares are to rise by 5.9% in January, while petrol prices remain as high as drivers’ stress levels. Continue reading »