Going Going Bike

Feb 082012
Spoke 'N Word

A heads up on a cycling-based motivational seminar event that is taking place at the end of this month in London. Called the Spoke ‘N Word, the seminar is designed to inspire people to get on their bike whether you are a casual rider or a rider looking to step up to the next level of cycling performance.  Continue reading »

Feb 072012
Hand Cycling

Disability cycling can be tough, tougher than actual cycling in some cases. People with certain disabilities such as spinal injuries use hand cycles, where the power comes from the arms rather than the legs of an individual as on a bicycle. It requires a lot of upper body strength.  Continue reading »

Feb 062012
Cities fit for Cycling

It has been a few days on since the launch of The Times “Cities Fit For Cyclists” campaign and there is no doubt that the campaign, unlike many before, has got overwhelming cyclist and public support through greatly increased awareness of the issue across print and online media. There has also been political momentum with cycling groups and the road safety lobby get their voices heard across to more people. Continue reading »

Feb 032012
Bike Theft The Movie

So this morning, Going Going Bike went off to the cinema for an exclusive preview showing of a film in the backstreets of Shoreditch in London. This film didn’t feature Hollywood “A” listers but had the humble bike as the star actor in a short film about cycle theft and how people respond to a theft when they see one taking place right in front of them. Continue reading »

Feb 012012
Auction items Cycle a DifferenceNewborns Vietnam

With just over a week to go in our charity auction for charity partner Cycle a Difference/Newborns Vietnam, the great news is that we have added loads more items to the auction with some more donations from people in the cycling industry. Continue reading »