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Nov 022011

Wearing a helmet while cycling is still an issue of personal choice here in the UK but in Australia there are strict laws at State level that require adults to always wear helmets when cycling.

In the State of Queensland in Australia, one campaigner is so incensed that he has to wear a helmet while cycling that he has made a professional television advertisement that pleads for a change in Queenland’s law that requires cyclists to wear helmets at all times when riding.

$40,000 advert

Brisbane film-maker Geoff McLeod has applied to have the $40,000 advertisement broadcast on television (see Youtube video below) as he believes that the laws were stopping more Australians getting out on their bikes.

“Australia is only one of two per cent of nations that have this absolutely ridiculous law,” Mr McLeod said.

“It’s the equivalent of telling people who drive cars that they have to gear up like Craig Lowndes (Australian racing driver), or telling beachgoers they have to wear life jackets or surfers to wear headgear.”

Current law

According to Queensland State Police figures, in 2010, 6522 bicycle helmet infringement notices were issued in Queensland, down from 7500 in 2009. The offence carries a $100 fine for adults. Children aged ten to 16 are only fined on their third offence, following a caution and a warning.

We should note that Mr McLeod’s video was filmed in Florence, Italy, where you’ll agree the pace of life is a lot more laid back and lacking in motorised traffic.

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