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Oct 282010
Blogs and Magazines

Ok we admit it; we spend a lot of time online partly for work and partly just because we love browsing cycling stuff. We figured that maybe we could put some of this “wasted” time to good use and share the knowledge of what we’ve found because there’s a lot of good stuff (and not so good stuff) out there!

Inspired by Andreas from London Cyclist we put together a list of our favourite blogs and online magazines from around the world. We weren’t quite so scientific and our criteria were as follows:

  1. Whether they mentioned cycling
  2. Made us laugh, kept us interested or just totally random.
  3. Can read them online for free
  4. Worth telling our friends about
  5. Didn’t strictly meet our criteria but we like anyway!

So in no particular order and all worth a browse:


Moving Target

London Cycle Chic

The Foot Down

Global Cool

101 wankers

Pedal Strike

London Cyclist

The Happiness Project London

Chasing Wheels

Luv Handles

Bike Crave


Bicycle Slut


Loving the bike


Brain Farts of a Bike Tart

Velo Loves The City

Breaking Chains and Taking Lanes


At war with the motorist

Cycling Tips

Fat Cyclist

Bike Snob NYC

Urban Velo

The Fixed Factor

The Daily Crank

Trois V


Sabotage Times

Dirt Magazine

HUCK Magazine

Landscape Magazine

International Mountain Bike Magazine


We’ll be adding to this list pretty regularly as we’ve almost certainly missed off stuff we love or don’t yet know about. So help us out and comment below if have any suggestions.

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