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Sep 122012

We were amused by this little story in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post about a reformed thief who fronted a Police anti-burglary campaign only to find himself in trouble again for stealing a marked bicycle belonging to the POLICE.

Peter Findlay told Police officers when he was arrested that he took the £1,000“capture bike”, which West Yorkshire Police currently use to try and catch bike thieves, because he said he was worried for its security after noticing the lock was weak.

Mr Findlay said he had every intention of handing the bike back to the Police once he had taken it.

CCTV pictures show Findlay riding up on his own bike to the Police-owned mountain bike in the Eastgate area of Leeds City Centre in July 16 of this year. On tampering with the bike and breaking the lock, the CCTV shows him cycling away with his own bike and the stolen bike in tandem.

Reformed character

Findlay has featured in a West Yorkshire crime prevention video and meet-the-burglar sessions to tell university students how to avoid being burgled after telling the probation service last year that he wanted to take positive steps to remove himself away from a life of crime following a stint in prison. Findlay has 40 previous theft or burglary convictions on his record.

Findlay had originally entered a not guilty plea at the Leeds Magistrates Court when the trial began there yesterday but changed his plea to guilty.

It appears the sitting judge, District Judge Roy Anderson, took kindly to Mr Findlay’s circumstances and imposed a 12 week curfew, from 9pm to 7pm daily, on Findlay as way of sentence for the offence.

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