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No holes barred in CTC pothole competition



Potholes are the bane of a cyclist life, we either drop in them while cycling or swerving to avoid them. National cycling organisation CTC has been running a nationwide competition to find the best pothole-fixing council/highway authority with cyclists and motorists encouraged to report potholes, and then see how well and quickly there were filled in.

The CTC based its competition on potholes reported via its www.fillthathole.org.uk website. The site passes the information automatically on to the relevant highway authority, which has a duty to ensure roads are correctly maintained.

Award categories

There were two award categories for councils in the competition:

(1) Highest percentage of potholes fixed – based on the website statistics
(2) The people’s vote – where website users were invited to mark local authorities on the speed of response, the quality of road repairs and the overall condition of their road surfaces.

The competition period for the awards were between January 18 and April 17 this year. Councils had until May 18 to act on reports submitted to them, in order for their work to count towards the competition results.

Winners and losers

Winners and losers were announced at the Annual Surveyor Conference in Leicester this week with Cheshire West and Chester Council winning the Pothole Response Award, for the highest percentage of potholes fixed, repairing all 47 of the road defects reported via Fill That Hole during the competition. Newham, West Lothian, Brent, Redbridge and Luton also scored 100%.

The Pothole Feedback Award, which was based on a public vote, went to the London Borough of Brent. Cheshire West and Chester appeared again as a runner up in this category, along with Bath and North East Somerset Council and Bristol City Council.

During the competition period, 11,200 potholes were reported to the Fill That Hole website. The full table of competition results can be seen here.

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