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Jan 182011

Last week, we reported on how a US assemblywoman backed down on a proposal to introduce a licence plate for bicycles law in New Jersey after opposition to the law.

This has not have seemed to deter a New York City councilman proposing a similar registration system a week after the New Jersey proposal was laughed out of town.

Councilman Eric Ulrich, who represents the Queens area of New York, told the New York Post that the registration system would require all bicycles used by persons aged 18 or over within the city to be fitted with an identification tag, as well as an official ID card.


Mr Ulrich said that his proposal was born out of frustration from some of his constituents, who felt intimidated” by cyclists.

“There seems to be a double standard when it comes to enforcing the traffic laws. Bicycles are involved in accidents, unfortunately, across this city. People on bicycles scare the hell out of [senior citizens]. Sometimes they can be an intimidating presence on the city streets,” Mr Ulrich told the New York Post.

Rule breaking by cyclists

In interview with the Gothamist website, Mr Ulrich added that while New York had bent over backwards to accommodate cyclists with investment in infrastructure in recent years, cyclists had not shown the same respect for the city by continually breaking road rules such as running red lights.

“I’m not against cycling. I think it’s environmentally friendly. But they share the roads with drivers and pedestrians and they have a responsibility to follow the same laws.”

Support for propasals

He stated there was firm support for his registration proposals in the City Council and he hoped to introduce the legislation in council chambers on February 2nd.

Lets hope, bicycle advocacy groups both local to New York and national mobilise to make sure that Mr Ulrich’s proposals do not become law.

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