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Aug 282014

We all know that this year marks 100 years since the start of the First World War, which was probably once pretty annoyed at being downgraded from “The Great War”.  Well, to stretch an analogy rather too far, our Media Charge d’Affaires has been manning the trenches alone for rather too long.  So we have found him two eager new recruits – neither a stranger to writing, to cycling or to trench warfare – to help him entertain and enlighten you.

The team had a long editorial meeting this week to decide what to cover… well I assume that it was an editorial meeting: a lot of hobnobs were dunked in gallons of tea and multiple pairs of glasses were removed and replaced repeatedly.  Sounds like an editorial meeting.  Anyway, the team will be focusing on bringing you a number of new topics as well as revisiting key items that we’ve dealt with in the past.  We’ll be trying new sports, giving you advice on how to maintain value in your bike and showing you product reviews.  And yes there may even be a goat riding a bike.  Where do we get it all?!

Meet the team 

Jen on Ride London... she claims

Jen on Ride London… she claims

Jen Offord

Despite growing up in the popular cycling region of East Anglia, Jen is a relative newcomer to the sport, which she discovered a taste for whilst she was undertaking a challenge to try all the Olympic sports disciplines.  You’ve probably read about this somewhere else, but if you haven’t check it out here.

Since then, Jen has been making up for lost time by clocking up the miles with Beyoncé (her road bike) completing the Rapha Women’s’ 100K, Prudential Ride London and the Dunwich Dynamo in the last couple of months alone.

Outside cycling, Jen’s interests include writing about football for the Offside Rule (We Get It), living in trendy East London and, consequently, sarcasm.


David Robson 

David in technical cycling attire

David in technical cycling attire

Also from the East of England (we are assured that they are not related) David has loved cycling all of his life.  His formative years were spent bombing round his village on his dad’s Peugeot, inspired by heroes who have all been convicted of doping.  I suppose you have to find something to do in Lincolnshire. The cycling, not the doping that is!

David is also no stranger to writing about sport, having been one of the lynchpins of the Grand Old Team forum, for supporters of Everton.  All three of them.

David’s proudest moment in cycling came by completing the Norwich 100 ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  Apparently there was a distinct possibility of him keeling over and dying along the way.  Must have been all of the hills, David.


Michael during his finest cycling moment.

Michael during his finest cycling moment.

Michael Vivian

Not from the East (phew!), Michael is our MD, so will mainly be contributing articles about cash flows and firing people.  We’ll all look forward to those.

Michael is the laziest cyclist that we have ever met – he will even try to draft pedestrians to save effort – but we’ve managed to convince him to try Cyclocross. Hahahahaha.  We actually do look forward to hearing about that!

Outside cycling, Michael enjoys cash flows and firing people.



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