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My new No Logo bike: Kitt


No Logo

I have finally replaced Rusty! After a few weeks of denial, and reminding myself why cycling is so much better than the tube, I bought another bike.

Used or unique bikes

Last time I replaced Rusty with Rusty 2 by get a superbly reconditioned Triumph frame based single speed. After all, Going Going Bike is the market for used bikes! However, this time I thought I’d explore the other side of our site – the unique and independent new stores

So after much browsing and deliberation I thought I’d go with a new brand to Going Going Bike: No Logo bikes. Reasonably priced, sleek design and the nice guys running it all made up my mind so now have “Kitt” (name inspired by black and red night rider-ish colour scheme.)

No Logo in action

So how does she ride? Well I can tell you because last weekend we headed off down to Brighton and so got to road test her over 70 miles (yes we got a little lost) of roads and hills. The short answer is pretty sweetly as made it down in one piece and only didn’t make it up Ditchling Beacon which it due to rider lack of fitness and gears rather than bike!

Other good points are the gearing ratio is nicely judged, the brakes work really well, got a few compliments on bike looks and is a comfortable ride. I did swap over the pedals, saddle and tyres from Rusty 2 but that’s only because I don’t personally like clip ins or straps, had worn in my old saddle and spent quite a bit of cash on gator skins as always used to get punctures!

If I was to flag anything then the wheel tape hadn’t been properly put on so got a puncture on first day riding. A little irritating but easily fixed and worth checking on any new bike. She was also a little heavier than my seriously lightweight Rusty 2 but lighter than some of the other bikes on ride.


Overall, very happy and would definitely recommend a No Logo bike to anyone wanting a good looking runaround for town which can also handle longer distances at a reasonable price. Oh yes and keep your eye out this friday for a chance to own a No Logo bike as well!

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