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Motivational talks series aims to inspire cyclists


Spoke 'N Word

A heads up on a cycling-based motivational seminar event that is taking place at the end of this month in London. Called the Spoke ‘N Word, the seminar is designed to inspire people to get on their bike whether you are a casual rider or a rider looking to step up to the next level of cycling performance. 

Spoke ‘n Word is the idea of cycling media company Cyclevox, who plan to run a series of the cycling motivational talks throughout 2012.

The first Spoke ‘N Word event takes place on February 29 and has the title ”Preparing for the Road Ahead”. The event will take place at London’s Frontline Club and speaking will be Olympic cycling medallist Bryan Steel and James Golding, a cancer survivor who took to riding across America despite being ill.

Preparing properly for long rides

Brian and James will be talking about how cyclists should prepare themselves properly for the months of cycling ahead as we emerge from winter into spring.

Anthony McCrossan of Cyclevox said: “With Spoke ‘N Word we hope to be able to offer cyclists the chance to meet with some of the UK’s best cyclists, as well as get a chance to hear straight from the horse’s mouth how to do it properly and get the most out of their time on the bike.”

Ticket purchasing details for the Spoke ‘n Word event and more in-depth bios of Brian and James can be found here.

New GGB Casual Ride for February

If the Spoke ‘N Word event has already inspired you, then join us on a GGB Casual Ride. This year we plan to get out once a month and we’ve just announced details of the Casual Ride for February.

This ride on February 26 will be a 90km jaunt from London to Lewes. There will be some climbs on the rides with 800m of elevation in total. As with all our Casual Rides, the route will be guided. We will also be making a stop for lunch at a carefully selected pub on the way.

To register, go to our Casual Ride Event page, highlight that you’d like to attend and register your name and e-mail address.

We hope you can join us.

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