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Mike Hall smashes bicycle circumnavigation of the world record


World Cycle Racing

Going Going Bike would like to extend our congratulations to round the world cyclist Mike Hall, who on Monday broke the round-the-world cycling record by arriving back at the start point of his journey in Greenwich 91 days after he left. Mike’s effort beat the previous record of 106 days (held by Alan Bate).

Mike managed to circumnavigate the globe in 91 days and 18 hours. In total he cycled a minimum 18,000 miles on his trip and averaged 200 miles a day. To qualify for the record, Mike had to cycle at least 18,000 miles and travel at least 25,000 miles (allowing for transport across oceans by airlines). The rules also stated that Mike had to pass through two approximate antipodal points during his attempt.


Mike was one of nine competitors to take part in the World Cycle Racing event, which saw nine riders start from Greenwich on the morning of February 18. Only four of those competitors are still racing and they still have some way to go with Mike finishing several thousand miles ahead of them.


Mike and his fellow competitors were tracked by GPS throughout the whole race.

Mike’s route for the minimum 18,000 miles included biking through all of Europe. From Turkey he flew to southern India, where he biked to the Bangladesh border. From there, he flew to Australia, crossed that entire continent and then went on to ride the length of New Zealand before flying to Vancouver. From Vancouver he rode along the west coast of the United States and then across the country from West to East, ending up in Portland, Maine. Then he flew to Portugal and cycled back through Spain and France to England to finish the race at Greenwich on June 4th (which happened to be Mike’s Birthday).

Cycle a Difference

We’re exceptionally happy that Mike won as he was riding to raise money for the Newborns Vietnam/Cycle a Difference charity, a charity we support having helped to raise funds for them via our charity auction in January. Mike will be taking part in Newborns Vietnam/Cycle a Difference’s charity cycle ride across Vietnam in May 2013.

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