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Many more miles left for National Cycle Network to grow



The National Cycle Network has hit the 13,000 mile mark which is not bad considering it was only started in 1995. When the first route, the 17 mile Bristol and Bath Railway Path, was completed, the original ambition was to create a 6,500 mile network.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has been at the heart of driving the National Cycle Network on and is committed to opening more routes.

The 13,000 mile barrier was reached with the recent opening of routes from Lincoln to Sheffield, adding another fifty miles of Valleys Cycle Network in South Wales and a new Route 50 going through Buckingham, Daventry and Leicester.

Funding for Cycle Network continues

Sustrans has also recently announced a £250,000 scheme to create new links to the cycle and pedestrian network alongside one of Tyneside’s busiest roads. South Tyneside Council secured funding from charity Sustrans to improve access to the National Cycle Network Route 14 near the Port of Tyne in Tyne Dock.

The improvements will be made as part of Sustrans’ national Connect2 project, which is enabling people to make more of their everyday journeys by foot or on bike.

A genuine choice for everyday travel

Sustrans recently published the latest results for the Network showing that in 2009 it carried over 407 million journeys, 203million by bike and 199 million on foot. Nearly a quarter of all journeys (95 million) were commuting trips showing that the network is a genuine choice for everyday travel.

“From very little to 13,000 miles in sixteen years is fantastic and with hundreds of millions of journeys on it every year, it is clearly working for people,” says Huw Davies, Director of the National Cycle Network for Sustrans.

“But 13000 miles isn’t the end point. Over two-thirds of journeys made by car are under five miles and, with petrol prices rocketing, the cost of those short journeys is significantly rising for people.”

End to end, the National Cycle network is nearly six times longer than the UK’s motorways network, which currently stands at 2206 miles.

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I agree that people should not be forced to wear helmets - personally I wear one
is a comment made by Jonathan in the blog post called

I think this is excellent news. Although I will probably never use these routes
is a comment made by Jonathan in the blog post called

Hey - thanks for the link JimF...that's great!
is a comment made by James - Going Going Bike in the blog post called

Hilarious - a road safety charity telling cyclists to wear helmets. Oooh the iro
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