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Mar 212011
Bike shed

Bikes don’t like being left in the shed. They get lonely, they get miserable and after a while they start sulking and stop working so well. Luckily, Team Green Britain have decided to try and cheer up all those bikes and bring them blinking into the sunshine this summer! Team Green Britain Bike Week (18-26 June), the UK’s biggest mass participation cycling event, is this year hosting ‘Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix’ – an ambitious attempt to fix as many bikes as possible during one week.

Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix

The aim of the Bike Fix is to liberate the thousands of unused bikes from sheds across the country, by encouraging people to dig them out and get punctures fixed, brakes adjusted and gears tuned, to get bikes (and the UK) fit for the summer. The opportunity to get your bike fixed is just one of the attractions of Team Green Britain Bike Week events – to find an event near you visit their website.

Phillip Darnton, Bicycle Association says: “Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix aims to help everyone – from families and people who have never cycled before – as well as those who need an incentive to cycle to work, and of course seasoned cyclists.” This is something that Going Going Bike definitely agrees with as we’re all about getting more people cycling and that can be on any bike new or used. Often with a little TLC yours or someone else’s old bike can do the trick.

What’s in it for me?

Victoria Pendleton, World and Olympic champion cyclist supporting Team Green Britain Bike Week says: “If everyone were to swap one car journey a day for a bike trip, think of the collective benefit – to our planet, our pockets and our health!” And not only that but if you fix your old bike rather than leaving it in the shed you might be surprised what it’s worth. A decent old bike after a bit of care and attention could earn you at least £100 – £200!

So lots of reasons to go and check on your old friend in the shed and get them on the road again. Just make sure you take flowers with you to show you’re sorry…

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  1. Yes definitely everyone make up with your bikes. It is not a good idea to leave them inthe sheds they will noly gt rusty…. Use them and they will help you and your health.

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