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Love your bike this Valentine’s Day


Bike Valentine

Valentine’s Day is that day that you should tell the one you love how much you love them by showering them with attention and making them feel special.

We’re of course talking about making your bike feel loved and special. For at least one day a year why not treat your bike to some rare ‘me time’.

Here are some tips from GGB on how to make that bike feel like it is the only bike in the world:

Present it with a Valentine’s card

Maybe you’d like to make your bike a Valentine’s card to show it how much you appreciate it like the guy in the video below.

Give your bike a rub down

Your bike has had a punishing winter and will no doubt be full of dirt, mud and grime. So give it a sensual wash down with some hot water and a brush. Make sure you get into those hard to reach places including the crank. Don’t forget to clean your drive train & chain as well. Apply some bike lube to the drive train and chain when it dries to make your bike feel 100% glamorous again.

Your bike deserves a gift or two

Everyone loves a gift and your bike is no different. Why not treat it to some new lights, some new wheels or a pretty bike bell. For that ultimate date in the evening, how about some all frame decoration that will show off your bike’s best assets.

Take your bike on a romantic ride

Now your bike is clean and it has some sexy new gear on. Take the bike out on a long ride. It just loves to get filthy. If you’re feeling extra romantic – you could take a real loved one with you and enjoy a picnic in your favourite spot. Don’t forget to take a bottle of wine with you.

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