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London to Edinburgh cycle ride – registrations open


London to Edinburgh

A London to Edinburgh cycle route is the kind of challenge we appreciate. Particularly when the 400 miles are ridden over only 5 days. This is the challenge being set for the riders in the Place2Be charity ride, organised by the Quintessentially Foundation, which takes place between 20 and 24 July 2011 and for which registrations are now open.

Land’s End to John o’Groats is the default cycle tour in the UK. However, the Big Smoke to Auld Reekie ride has a genuine appeal that goes beyond a love for both cities.

Beware hills

This tour is a proper cycling challenge with an average of 80 miles ridden per day. The route is not mountainous but it is lumpy. The route card shows that the final day, when many tours are winding down, has over 4000ft of climbing.

To assist riders withstand the rigours of the road the ride is fully supported and all accommodation and meals are organised in advance by Quintessentially. This ride follows on from the equally challenging London to Land’s End cycle ride which they organised last year.

Cycle fever

The timing of the London to Edinburgh cycle tour is ideal. In late July the days are long and the sun should be shining. It’s also when cycle fever is at its greatest with the Tour de France coming to an end. In addition, it follows after the major European sportives (such as the Etape or the Marmotte).

If you’re competing in one of these events then doing this ride would be a wonderful reward for all the hard work you will have put in. It will also take full advantage of all the strength and fitness that you are probably building up right now!

For further information on the ride please contact Belinda Briones on or 020 7923 5542

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