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Jun 162011
London to Brighton route

Over 27,000 cyclists will be cycling the London to Brighton bike ride this Sunday. Last weekend a few Going Going Bikers got together to check out the route. These are our findings.

A great route (once out of London)

London to Brighton is a really good cycling route. Once the first 15km are done you are out of London and passing along lovely, peaceful country lanes. There are very few sections of ‘A’ roads and long stretches where you can put yourself on auto-pilot and enjoy the ride.

There are also some great views to enjoy. The reward for getting up Ditchling Beacon is the best view of the day. Can you see London to the North?

Decent roads

The quality of the roads is generally good. Local councils seem to have been busy repairing pot-holes on the side of the roads as there is evidence of new road surfacing. That is good to see and will make the day more comfortable for the thousands taking part.

However, a couple of the descents were a bit shaky, with gravel and cut up surfaces to manoeuvre around. Be careful on these descents and (if you can) keep your distance from other riders.

Be prepared to climb

London to Brighton is not a flat ride.  We did over 2000ft of climbing on the day and some of those climbs are sharp. Ditchling Beacon and Turners Hill require good gearing and a patient approach. No prizes are on offer for the first to the top on this ride!

We took a well earned lunch at the Crown pub at Turner’s Hill to recover from the punchy little climb. However, most of the riders the riders this weekend will remain focused and press on to Ardingly, which is the next notable town on the ride.

GGB Tips for the day

1 – Enjoy the day

2 – Don’t push yourself too hard

3 – Eat and drink as required

4 – Take puncture repair kit and know how to use it

5 – Cycle safe

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  2 Responses to “London to Brighton bike ride”

  1. How do you know this is the official route for this year? I have been trying to get a copy for my Garmin but to no avail. BHF say they issue the route on the day but I can’t be bothered to faff with maps/cards etc.  If you are on mapmyride can you let me know your name so I can find you and download the ride? You could also email it I suppose but either would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Paul McIntyre

    • Hey Paul – you’re right. They do try to keep the route a secret. However, we’ve done the route on previous years and mapped it out on mapmyride from memory.

      We were (almost) always correct as there were big yellow signs saying that there were going to be road closures for the BHF ride this weekend.

      This is the URL for the mapmyride route….hope it helps! http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/36616716

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