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Oct 262010
London second hand bikes

There is now only one place to look for legitimate London second hand bikes and that’s Going Going Bike. There are many other options open to potential buyers both online and offline but none that are cyclist dedicated, anti-theft and provide the same level of service.

Check out all the London second hand bikes for sale that have been listed on our site. Or if you’re trying to free up some space at home you can always list yours. You could even put the money towards buying your next dream bike!

We’ve only just launched but we’ve already got loads of positive feedback from the cycling community. Even the Evening Standard reckoned we were the best place to buy and sell London second hand bikes!

Our aim is to help lapsed cyclists get back on their bikes, upgrade them if necessary and provide the perfect platform for keen cyclists to swap all those hard to find parts and accessories. To support this we have “how to” guides like our second hand bike buying guide so you can find the ideal London second hand bike.

Organisations like LCC provide lists of shops that offer second hand bikes but also warns of the dangers of going to markets especially Brick Lane. Other options include offline bike auctions, bike hire shops and cycling magazines.

In London second hand bikes can be hard to find or at least hard to prove where they have come from. This has meant the emergence of new websites like Bikeshd which pull in information from the current giants Ebay and Gumtree.

So have a browse around, check the details of the bike carefully but buying a second hand bike can be the most cost effective way to get cycling. If have any questions about London second hand bikes just get in touch!

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