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Like riding a bike


Like Riding a Bike Exhibition Images

Cycling is a fantastically accessible activity and we’re always encouraging more people to get on a bike.

Our blog provides information, advice and news on cycling matters to inspire and reassure. Our marketplace allows people to buy a good value used bicycle in the knowledge that it has not been stolen.

A similar philosophy is the creative force behind the “Like Riding a Bike” project recently launched by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It aims to change the image of cycling by showing that anyone (not just sporty folk) can ride a bike.

Photographing local cyclists

They began by organising three photo shoots over the course of three days in the borough to capture images of ordinary cyclists and document where they were going. The results can be viewed in an exhibition which opened on 1 April and which runs for two weeks.

Exhibition runs until 10 April

We popped down to the launch last night and enjoyed the range of portraits which reflect the diversity of cyclists in the Borough. The subject of each photo is clearly the individual (rather than the bike) and the personality within the images is reinforced by the title including the name of the subject, the postcodes where they are cycling from and to and a brief explanation of the purpose of their ride.

The locations for the shoot are also prominent. To that extent viewing the photos provides a form of (cycle) tour around the Royal Borough. Featured highlights include Portobello Road, Hyde Park, Kings Road and Sloane Square.

If you can’t visit the exhibition you can check out many of the portraits online and watch a “behind the scenes” video of the three days of shooting the portraits.

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