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Dec 122012
Connect London map

Now here’s a challenge for Boris. Sustainable transport charity Sustrans wants the London Mayor to build over 1000km (600 miles) by 2020 to connect London just like the Tube and the London Overground train network does.

What’s more Sustrans says Boris can do this at a cost of just £10m a year.

Sustrans says its proposed London Cycle Network would connect every borough in the capital ensuring cyclists have access to safe, quiet cycle routes for their entire journey.

Sustrans has launched a public campaign/petition called Connect London to put pressure on the Mayor to support their aims and introduce the Network.

Investing in a network of safe, quiet routes is the most cost-effective way to significantly boost cycling numbers by giving people who don’t currently cycle the confidence to get on their bikes, Sustrans say.

“The world’s biggest cycling network will put London on the map as a global leader in cycling and allow millions more journeys to be made by bike each day,” explains Sustrans London Director German Dector-Vega. “Cycling in London is booming but evidence shows that to help more people to feel safe on two wheels, we need to provide more continuous, safe routes.

“The improved network will tackle dangerous junctions and impassable rivers and railways to make cycling accessible for everyone in London. Connecting every borough in London it will see communities flourish and local high streets boom.

For more information on the proposed routes or to sign the petition for the Connect London campaign, please visit: www.sustrans.org.uk/connectlondon

Over to you now Boris! Put your money where your mouth is!


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