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04/01/2011 // CAMPAIGNS, INFO Leave a comment

Lawyer voices concern on lack of “road rage” prosecutions



While looking at various cycling blogs over the New Year, I came across the latest musings of “Cycling Lawyer” Martin Porter.

Mr Porter has been involved in a number of “road rage” incidents with motorists, which he has blogged about. The latest incident happening just before Christmas when a motorist pushed him over following an altercation while he was out on a club ride.

The motorist in question has since been cautioned for his actions, and this has partly led Mr Porter to write an open latter to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, questioning the commitment of the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service towards prosecution of careless and dangerous motoring. The open letter can be found here.

Incidentally, Mr Porter’s cycling club, Thames Velo, is based in Theresa May’s parliamentary constituency.

Martin has suggested that others write to the Home Secretary on the same subject so it does not appear that his letter is just the musings of one malcontented cyclist.

Here at Going Going Bike, we believe that endangering others is a form of behaviour that a society should consider as seriously unacceptable whatever form of transport. I’ve had two incidents myself where a motorist has purposely driven at me after I pointed out that they should follow the rules of the road. I’m sure readers to our blogs have had similar experiences.

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