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Feb 202013

Like many others before him, Tom Allen set off on a bike journey of a lifetime in 2006. He’s aim along with his friends Andy and Mark was to cycle the world on off all things a mountain bike.

Andy and Mark soon dropped out but Tom continued his journey. Over four years, Tom did manage to get around the world eventually but it wasn’t easy. There were doubts for Tom, particularly when he falls in love with a girl he met while cycling in Armenia. He falls head over heels for Tenny and they soon marry.

But he struggles to persuade her to join him in completing the whole journey to circumnavigate the world by bike. In the end, Tom decides to soldier on alone.

Lucky for us Tom was able to take a video camera and record parts of his epic journey. Those clips were turned into a feature-length film called Janapar.

The film very much preaches a message that everyone should throw caution to the wind and live their dream. Tom’s film is definitely an  inspiration to do just that.

Catch a bit of the film in the video below

The film was released in November of last year on DVD but Tom is now embarking on a nationwide UK tour of the film with screenings and Q&A sessions.

The UK/Ireland dates and locations for the coming weeks (click the links for locations, times and ticket info):

  • Kendal, Thu 21st Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Newcastle, Sat 23rd Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Ayr, Mon 25th Feb: Fundraiser screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Edinburgh, Tue 26th Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Sheffield, Thu 28th Feb: Screening
  • Sheffield, Fri 1st Mar: Festival screening and Q&A
  • Sheffield, Sat 2nd Mar: Book signing

Tom is hoping to organise more dates in the UK in May, so if you’re interested in helping find a venue and an audience for a screening in your area at those times, please get in touch with him.

Tom’s also got some great long-distance bike touring tips on his website in case you want to try such a trip yourself.

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