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26/07/2010 // STYLE 4 Comments

Is trouser rolling one of the last taboos?


Roll up cropped

My name is Andrew and I roll my trouser legs up when I go cycling. Phew…it feels better having finally got that out in the open.

I have been considering a confession for some time but have been resisting as I thought this one of the last great taboos. Forget discussing politics at dinner, how much you earn or gay marriages…trouser rolling is one conversation that I’m always wary of starting.

Or that is what I thought until recently? It turns out there are many like minded people out there who roll their trouser legs up with integrity. They do so as a badge of honour. Not only pragmatic but stylish. Trousers are kept away from the drivetrain, grease is not smeared over clothing, the chain is not jammed by rogue trousers. In addition the rolled up trouser indicates dedication to the bike and, it seems, a distinctly urban approach to cycling.

For these adherents bare calves are nothing to be embarrassed about. Once the bike is locked up and the helmet removed, trousers are not furtively rolled down to cover up the recent indiscretion. In contrast these folks will walk in to a bar, straight off the bike, confident, expressive and with self-confidence. Have a look out for these cyclists when you are next on your bike, or walking along. And, if you are already a trouser roller-upper, I am pleased to have openly joined your ranks!

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Laurence July 26, 2010 at 3:05 pm

It’s easy to get look wrong but when worn with the correct style of trousers it can convey sophistication or an edgy and creative appearance. I regularly do this a fitted pair of khaki, or blue denim and get complements from friends and the right type of female attention. An admirable pair of ankles is helpful with a pair of retro trainers or worn shoes. A wear a pair of marselle shoes with my gap khaki’s and carry off well. Vanity is has never been passé


Dorothy July 27, 2010 at 8:09 am

I have always thought it a style for grannies but I recently damaged a very nice pair of floaty, high-waisted trousers.. So, it is either skirts or roller-uppers from now on,


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